Martijn Kuller

Visiting Fellow
Sch: Civil & Environmental Eng
Contact details:

Valentine Annex

My research interests include spatial analysis and modelling to aid urban planning of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) infrastructure, improving our urban water quality and livability. My current projects include the integration of SSANTO in the wider modelling platform of UrbanBEATS, an urban water modelling platform. Furthermore, I am involved in extending the functionality of UrbanBEATS with a spatial pollution  distribution module. Also, I am involved in the development of a Chinese version of the model.  y ultimate aim is to improve urban planning practices. In order to reach this, I consider meaningful engagement with practitioners an essential part of my work. Throughout the development of SSANTO as well as in all my previous work, I have always worked closely with industry and government partners. In my view, this will both increase the quality and relevance of my work, as well as leverage its uptake in practice and therefore its real-world impact.

Sustainability matters in the broad sense have my interest. Finding practical solutions in technology, planning and management of our society are the keys to solving the problems of resource depletion and environmental degradation and improving the resilience of our society. In my professional life I want to help find these practical solutions and promote their implementation. My professional goal is to keep working on circular resource management systems in the fields of waste, energy and water services. This was focus of my postgraduate education. I have put special emphasis on urban water management during the course of my education.

I have an interdisciplinary background with a special interest in using GIS to visualise and analyse environmental data and model pathways to change. Their visual character and modelling capacities enable them to reveal patterns in data, making them powerful tools in environmental sciences and management. I have a background in GIS, as it has been a part of both my undergraduate and postgraduate education, my work at the University of South Australia and my PhD research at Monash University. I am eager to build on this basis, so I can fully exploit the potential of this tool for the benefit of environmental management.

In my recent work I have focussed on planning support for sustainable urban water management It involved the development of a planning support tool called SSANTO (Spatial Suitability ANalysis TOol), which combines the strengths of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis with GIS. SSANTO is a suitability analysis tool currently focussing on support for strategic planning of distributed and green urban water infrastructure. Its general functionality is flexible and has the potential to support many spatial planning problems both within and outside of the urban water management realm. My goal is to continue development of SSANTO’s functionality as well as to link it to other tools and models to increase its reach and usefulness.